Computer Science 1

This is my webpage for computer science 1. We
are studying C#. Its my first year of computer
science. Its difficult to learn but its what I
call hard fun.

Good Bye Program


This program was my very first project in Gita! This program allows the user to translate the Good bye in 5 different languages and a flag corresponding to that language.

About Page


This program simulates a company about page where I had to design a company and create its logo.

Mailing Label


In this program I learned
how to format a mailing label using information
that the user inputs.

BMI Calculator


In this program I used variables to calculate the body mass index of the user based on the height (feet and inches) and weight inputed by the user.

Car Rental Upgrade


In this program, the user input the selection of a car and other optional features to rent for a certain amount of days. This program calculates the cost of that.

Test Score Program


The user can enter 2 test scores and this program will allow the user to see the letter grade of the tests. Thisprogram will also output the average and higher score.

Dice Game


This program uses random numbers to generate the number of a dice with a corresponding picture. It will also keep track of the sum of the dice.

Vegas Craps Game


This program simulates a game called Vegas Craps. It is a game of chance with dice and a jackpot.

Shirt Sales Program


This program simulates an online t-shirt company, it gives you the total and allowd you to customise the order.

Slot Machine


This project allows the player to participate in a game of chance, allowing them to win or lose money.

Rock Paper Scissors!


This program simulates the classic game of rock paper scissors!

Fish Program 1


This project shows a fish in a tank which also keeps track of the bumps against the sides of the tanks and total moves, you can also increase and decrease the speed of the fish.

Fish Program 2


This project shows a fish in a tank which also keeps track of the bumps against the sides of the tanks and total moves, you can also increase and decrease the speed of the fish. Now there is a shark so don't get eaten!!

NCAA College Football


This project displays the ChickFilA Peach Bowl: Oklahoma Sooners vs. LSU Tigers. This program displays the stats of both team and their schedules.

Tic Tac Toe


In this program, I learned how to enable fish boxes determined by wether or not they were clicked. It simulates the classic game of tic tac toe!! Have fun!

N Factorial


This project was where the user can input a number in 1 of 5 columns and will get a different list of numbers according to where it was inputed.

Basic AI


In this project you are the fish. You are armed and the shark is trying to eat you. You can kill the shark but don't get eaten!!

Star Field


This project simulates that you are flying through space! I used arrays and randomness to create this effect.

Fish Aquarium


This project simulates a fish aquarium. There is a school of fish, a shark trying to eat the fish, and a boat trying to catch the fish!!

Integer Array


This project will give a certain number of random numbers depending on what number the user inputs and give the max value of those values.

Test Score Histogram


This program randomly generates 100 different grades, anywhere from 1-100. Then organizes them onto a label depending on the grade.



In this project, the user must use the left and right keys to run away from the airplane that is dropping bombs. If the bomb hits you, your health bar goes down. You can also shoot at the plane, the game is over when one of the players health is 0.

Final Project: Apple Catcher!!


This is my final project for GITA 1 19-20. In this game the user is a basket that has to catch apples from trees to gain. There are different apples each giving different amounts of points. You must meet the required amount of points withing the time limit to beat the level. It is equipped with 3 levels, each with different point requirements. I hope you like my game!! Thanks!